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SMTP Outbound E-Mail Server
Can handle e-mail broadcasts of 1,000,000+ messages per hour per server. This takes the load off your in-house general e-mail server. Supports unlimited macro fields for fully customized e-mails. You need a business level Internet connection (not a consumer Cable Modem or consumer DSL connection) as all operations are outbound and requires a large upstream bandwidth.

Full HTML Support
Supports the sending of plain text, or HTML formatted e-mail. Supports MHTML e-mail that imbed files into the HTML code, such as graphics.

Integrated Address Books
Use the same address books available to all of the CopiaFacts suite. This includes GoldMine, ACT, Exchange and Outlook address books and more!

Do Not Send List (DNS)
Has a Do Not Send list for list management. Blocks e-mail address from receiving future list mailings. Can configure a global DNS list, or job based DNS lists.

Personalized PDF Attachments with Mail Merge to E-Mail Option
Keep your messages intact and virus-free by sending them as PDF attachments. Your message can even be personalized before it is converted to PDF format with our mail merge option.

Clear Error Messages
Find out why your e-mail address was wrong. You will know if the recipients mailbox is full, or if their e-mail address no longer exists.

Fax Broadcast Integration
Combine with our award winning FaxFacts software to use both fax and e-mail as your forms of contact. One broadcast can be set to fax and/or e-mail out to your client base.


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