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Case Studies

Even with thousands of customers, everyday we have new businesses that find exiting new ways to use FaxFacts. Here are a few ways that companies use their FaxFacts systems:

LAN Fax Application - Office Supply Companies May be all The Same, but Brooktrout And Copia Help BSC Stand Out From The Ten-Pack

Pay-Per-View order handling - Canal Satélite Digital, Madrid, Spain's leading satellite TV operator utilizes the FaxFacts and the VoiceFacts IVR capabilities to their fullest.

  • Fax Service Bureau - ADR International - Fax on Demand and Fax Broadcast

Mike Sinnott President with ADR International said this:

"It was about 10 years ago today that I was reading the business section of the Sunday paper which had a small article about some guy named Steve Hersee who'd "had an idea who's time has come". I called the phone number in the article on that Sunday morning and to my surprise, Steve answered the phone. Within 2 months, I had purchased the computer and software necessary to start RealtyFax, which was Fax-on-Demand service for the real estate industry. Early on, as the software developed and improved, we began offering enhanced fax services including FOD and Broadcast Fax.

Today ADR International, Inc. is one of the partner Fax Service bureaus in the United States. Needless to say, our success has been due in large part to the foundation of our business: FaxFacts. In addition , we simply could not have relied on FaxFacts without the technical support and "mentoring" provided by Copia and Steve.

I'm glad that I called Copia 10 years ago, and look forward to working with Copia's FaxFacts for the next 10 years. I also look forward to continuing to develop new products and services for our customers with Copia software at the heart of our system."

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