CopiaFacts v8.2 Reference Manual

The current version of CopiaFacts is 8.3. See the CopiaFacts 8.3 Reference Manual for details.

The CopiaFacts® Messaging Suite consists of a set of award-winning communications solutions: FaxFacts®, VoiceFacts™, and E-MailFacts™ which provide a complete set of business communications features.

These applications together can provide the following benefits to your business:

Lower the cost of communication between you and your customers.

Integration into your current network and business applications.

Infinite scalability - Buy only what your business needs, when it needs it.

With an extensive range of communications solutions options that integrate with desktop, e-mail, CRM, and other essential business software, CopiaFacts provides your employees a unified approach to enterprise communications, thereby saving you time and money. All of your messages are delivered with the same ease as printing them out to a network printer.

This manual provides the main reference documentation for CopiaFacts. Other documentation is provided for specific topics, and a PDF version of this manual is also available. A few sections of this manual apply only to older CopiaFacts versions and are highlighted in green text. Notes on using this manual appear in the Documentation Conventions topic.

    New to CopiaFacts?

To get started with CopiaFacts, go to the Installation Notes topic and start the installer download linked from there while you read that topic and the System Overview.

    Already a CopiaFacts User?

There are several important new features in version 8. Please check the version 8.2 and earlier version 8 release notes, and also the Unicode topic.

You are reading the latest on-line version of this manual.

When updating items of CopiaFacts software to a major new release, please check the Release Notes topics which highlight changes which might require modification of your command files or procedures.  For all other upgrades please check the the latest on-line change history (appendix M) before upgrading.  Finally, please check from time to time for technical notes and tips in the Copia blog pages.


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