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Why E-MailFacts?

Many companies utilize 3rd-party email providers outside their general purpose e-mail servers for things like product activations, email newsletters or specialized processing. Often times the software powering these 3rd parties is E-mailFacts, or the e-mail capabilites of the CopiaFacts software platform.

Fully integratedinto all CopiaFacts engine functions, the e-mail "threads" handle the e-mail to fax and fax to e-mail transactions. (Enabling fax inbound routing to personal e-mail boxes)

Designed for large scale E-Mail Notification

E-MailFacts was designed with one thing in mind, high volume output of e-mail messages. The outbound SMTP E-Mail Server can blast out your e-mails without placing a burden on your general purpose e-mail server. Here are a few E-MailFacts highlights:

  • SMTP Outbound E-Mail Server
  • E-Mail Broadcasting Engine
  • Fax to E-Mail Routing
  • E-Mail to Fax Routing
  • Mail Merge to E-Mail
  • 1,000,000+ Fully Customized E-Mails per hour per server
  • Full HTML/MHTML Support
  • Do Not Send (DNS) List
  • Unlimited Macro Substitutions
  • Clear Error Messages on failed addresses
  • Supports All Accented & International Character Sets
  • Customized PDF Attachments with mail merge to e-mail

Know if your address is bad before you send

A powerful feature of E-MailFacts is the ability to verify the recipient e-mail address before actually sending the e-mail message. This eliminates the back-flow of bad e-mail address notification from the recipients mail server. This back-flow of messages would usually slow your mail server down to a crawl since you are essentially sending the message back to yourself. When an e-mail address is no longer valid, our status program tells you in plain English and you are then able to sort out these undeliverable addresses.

Personalize your E-Mail

There are several ways to personalize the content of your e-mails. The first is through unlimited marco substitution. This allows you to set any number of variables in your e-mail message template (name, phone number, address, etc) and have them placed in your outgoing e-mail.

The other way is through our patented mail merge to e-mail option. This is good for combining broadcasts with your FaxFacts system. You can deliver the same exact message, complete with formatting and personalization, to your clients whether they prefer e-mail or fax. The CopiaFacts engine sends your mail merged document off the exact same way.

Virus-Free Personalized E-Mails

An added bonus to the mail merge to e-mail option is the fact that the e-mail messages are virus free! The output of the mail merge process is either a TIFF file or a PDF file. This message is sent as an attachment to the intended recipient. Since these file formats are considered "virus-free attachments", you will not be sending out any viruses to your customer base.

Broadband Business connection is required

Since E-Mailfacts deals with outbound e-mail, a business level Internet connection is required. This requires large upstream bandwidth. (i.e. Best utilized in cloud or hosted environments vs Cable modems or DSL).


SMTP Outbound E-Mail Server
Can handle e-mail broadcasts of 1,000,000+ messages per hour per server. This takes the load off your in-house general e-mail server. Supports unlimited macro fields for fully customized e-mails.

Full HTML Support
Supports the sending of plain text, or HTML formatted e-mail. Supports MHTML e-mail that imbed files into the HTML code, such as graphics.

Integrated Address Books
Use the same address books available to all of the CopiaFacts suite. This includes GoldMine, ACT, Exchange and Outlook address books and more!

Do Not Send List (DNS)
Has a Do Not Send list for list management. Blocks e-mail address from receiving future list mailings. Can configure a global DNS list, or job based DNS lists.

Personalized PDF Attachments with Mail Merge to E-Mail Option
Keep your messages intact and virus-free by sending them as PDF attachments. Your message can even be personalized before it is converted to PDF format with our mail merge option.

Clear Error Messages
Find out why your e-mail address was wrong. You will know if the recipients mailbox is full, or if their e-mail address no longer exists.

Fax Broadcast Integration
Combine with our award winning FaxFacts software to use both fax and e-mail as your forms of contact. One broadcast can be set to fax and/or e-mail out to your client base.

Mail Merge to E-Mail

E-MailFacts' Mail Merge lets you e-mail documents directly from a mail merge operation of your favorite word processor. By simply inserting an additional merge field in the form document, you can eliminate printing and stuffing mass mailings and get your message read fast.

How you can benefit from Mail Merge to E-Mail

  • Mail Merge to E-Mail is smart. The e-mail documents are delivered fully-formatted, personalized, and even with attachments, if necessary.
  • Mail Merge to E-Mail is fast. The merge process is handled by the CopiaFacts engine and your documents start getting e-mailed out as soon as they are created.
  • Mail Merge to E-Mail is easy to use. When the program is installed, a print driver is added as a Print option on your machine. Then simply "print" all of your e-mail mail merges to this "printer".
  • Mail Merge to E-Mail is virus free. E-mails go out as either TIFF attachments or as PDF files. This eliminates the possibility of sending out a virus to your customer base.

Patented Technology

The same patented technology that allows Copia to do Mail Merge to Fax better than anyone else is the basis for your Mail Merge to E-Mail system. The secret is in our patented font shown below:

This font may look a bit awkward, but it sets our mail merge apart from the rest. It simplifies the mail merge process and lets anyone mail merge to e-mail without having to learn how to program.

The process is very simple. When defining the merge fields in your database file, define a merge field as email. Insert this email field into your form document at the very top of the page.

The magic then is in our patented font. Simply format this field as 12 point in the special font we provide (shown above). Then all that is left for you to do is print the mail merge to our print driver and your mail merge to e-mail is off and running.

Fast and Reliable

Because of our patented way of handling the mail merge process, the CopiaFacts engine does not get slower as the mail merge goes on. Other systems can start off fast, but after 500 or a thousand messages, the system slows to a crawl. The E-MailFacts Mail Merge option gives you a system that can keep up with the most demanding e-mail broadcasts.

Combine Fax and E-Mail Mail Merge

Since the mail merge process is handled by the CopiaFacts engine, you are able to combine you fax and e-mail broadcasts into one easy process. If you set up a common merge field that has either a fax number or e-mail address, the CopiaFacts engine will then send the message by either fax or e-mail depending on the entry in that field. This function is great for a "preferred communication" form that allows your customer to decide the best format to receive documents. Find out more about Mail Merge to Fax here.

Pricing and More Information

Mail Merge to E-Mail is included in our Mail Merge package which includes our Mail Merge to Fax option. The patented mail merge font and printer driver is available on Windows platforms supported by the CopiaFacts WorkStation. The pricing of the mail merge option is based on the number of lines/threads in your system.

FAQ - E-MailFacts

What do I need to get started?
All you need to start your e-mail broadcasts is a dedicated Internet connection to your CopiaFacts machine and some enabled e-mail threads.

If FaxFacts and VoiceFacts are sold by the line, how is E-MailFacts sold?
E-MailFacts does not use phone lines, so therefore it is by the CPU thread.

What is a thread?
Is a single communication channel capable of delivering one message at a time.

I'm still confused on threads, what else do I need to know?

  • A multi-thread operation executing independently from one another.
  • A single thread can only execute (deliver) one e-mail at a time.
  • Several executions can run within a single e-mail application.

How many threads will I need?
It is very difficult to determine how many threads any one situation will need, since there are several factors to consider:

  • Message size (including attachments)
  • Processor speed
  • Disk size and speed*
  • Delays caused by message traffic on the receiving end
  • Packet loss, in which case portions will have to be resent

*Disk speed becomes critical because the server must read certain files and perform other pre-processing tasks before executing the delivery.

Where do you recommend that I start?
We usually start customers out small and add threads as needed. A good start is about 8 threads but no less than 4.

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