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Copia Solution Examples

Copia helps your business succeed by improving the way you communicate. The fax, voice and e-mail solutions provided by Copia are designed to save you time and money. From small companies, to large government agencies, Copia can tailor a solution that fits your needs.

Below are some examples of basic solutions our software and services can provide:

Network Fax Server
A FaxFacts fax server has set the standard for performance, reliability, and innovation for nearly 20 years. Route to any e-mail account in nearly any format (PDF, HTML, TIFF, etc) Can be customized to match your business needs. Read more

Unified Messaging
The CopiaFacts suite is designed to fill in the gaps in your messaging platforms. If you phone system lacks fax support, we can implement a faxing solution integrated into your environment. The same goes for IVR or e-mail capabilities. Unifying your messaging services under one powerful solution minimizes impact and maximizes return on investments you have already made. Read more

Fax Broadcasting
FaxFacts can be configured with an unlimited number of phone lines to process any size fax broadcast. Full job reporting and scripting capabilities let you customize the system to your needs. You are able to personalize every fax that goes out. Read more

Integrated Faxing into your PBX
National Money (a leading payday loan company) has used a combination of a TeleVantage PBX system supplied and installed by Copia along with the CopiaFacts suite of products. Read more

Voice Broadcasting
VoiceFacts gives you the ability to contact your customer base using pre-recorded voice messages, and more! Read more

E-Mail Broadcasting
If you have newsletters or another high volume e-mail need, E-MailFacts can help. Service bureaus and large organization have taken advantage of the ability to send over 1 million custom e-mail per hour using our messaging queuing technologies. It can also be integrated into custom applications of your own. Read more

Pay Day Loan Automation
An example of a vertical product use is in the pay day loan industry. A CopiaFacts system can automate many loan application tasks from forms to notifications and IVR apps. Read more


Customer Implementation Examples

Here are a few examples of how customers use their CopiaFacts systems:

Global Fax Network

Global Fax Network is a Service Bureau that was looking for a fax/email solution for its customers. Global Fax uses the CopiaFacts Software for broadcast faxing,fax mail merge, fax on demand, as well as other fax services including; desktop faxing and enhanced faxmail. This company also provides an e-mail to fax solution using a router provided by Copia.
GlobalFax customers have the ability to add custom post-receive processing for their faxes as a result of basing their system on CopiaFacts. For example; one customer with faxes forwarded to their e-mail address also required a fax post-receive process to update their database. Another customer required additional information to be added to the fax page, in the footer, before it was emailed back out. Since GlobalFax has based their system on Copia software, all it took was a simple modification to their system to accommodate these requests. No other fax package has this flexibility built in.


Acxiom creates and delivers information management solutions that enable companies to build relationships with their customers. They required a solution to facilitate an entire background investigation process.

CopiaFacts was implemented to create a 2-way communication between the information sources used and Acxiom. Results of their process are then passed back through the Copia system for distributed to the end user. The same system also functions as a fax router delivering inbound faxes to over 15 different printers in departments. Acxiom also utilizes Copia’s IVR solution to collect data from applicants via the telephone when the data cannot be requested from the client directly.

Sacred Heart Hospital

The original fax system Sacred Heart implemented was no longer supported so they purchased a CopiaFacts system to replace it. The system is used to send admitting notices for inpatients, ER, and outpatients to physicians that request them. Every time an admission is placed in the hospital registration system, a file is dropped on their AS400 server which Copia then picks up and faxes out to the appropriate doctor on file. Sacred Heart chose the Copia turn-key option so the system was shipped to them and all ready to go. Once installed, Copia technical support remotely trained the staff and helped finalize the connection to their other systems.








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