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FAQ - E-MailFacts

What do I need to get started?
All you need to start your e-mail broadcasts is a dedicated Internet connection to your CopiaFacts server PC and our E-MailFacts software.

Do I need a permanent Internet connection or can I use dial-up access?
Copia only recommends using a permanent high-speed Internet connections for use with the E-MailFacts software. This can include DS3, DS1, T1, DSL or cable modem connections. Dial-up access is too slow for large broadcasts and does not provide the reliability of a dedicated connection.

If FaxFacts and VoiceFacts are sold by the line, how is E-MailFacts sold?
E-MailFacts does not use phone lines, so therefore it is by the thread.

What is a thread?
Is a single communication channel capable of delivering one message at a time.

I'm still confused on threads, what else do I need to know?

  • A multi-thread operation executing independently from one another.
  • A single thread can only execute (deliver) one e-mail at a time.
  • Several executions can run within a single e-mail application.

How many threads will I need?
It is very difficult to determine how many threads any one situation will need, since there are several factors to consider:

  • Message size (including attachments)
  • Processor speed
  • Disk size and speed*
  • Delays caused by message traffic on the receiving end
  • Packet loss, in which case portions will have to be resent

*Disk speed becomes critical because the server must read certain files and perform other pre-process tasks before executing the delivery.

Where do you recommend that I start?
We usually start customers out small and add threads as needed. A good start is about 8 threads but no less than 4.

Why would I need an e-mail component and how can it enhance my fax server?
The e-mail option does not replace your current e-mail provider. If you need a high-volume, highly reliable e-mail broadcaster then you need E-MailFacts. Our software looks up and connects directly to the designated remote mail-exchange server for each mail item, which ensures that the domain address is always valid resulting in a low rate of returned e-mail.

It can also add more dimensions to your faxing capabilities. Our fax server can enhance your communications, if your broadcast list contains both e-mail addresses and fax numbers. E-MailFacts can be set up to transmit by fax if e-mail fails, or vice-versa, thus giving you the convenience of e-mail with the reliability of fax.


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