We are Fax Over IP Experts

T.38? SIP? G.711? FoIP? We can help you navigate the alphabet soup
of solutions to your faxing needs in the IP world. From single lines to tens of thousands, we've built them all.

Custom SMTP Gateways

Our SMTP gateway software does more than email-to-fax. Use it as a full custom email processing engine for specialized projects!

The CopiaFacts Engine and API powers the fax, voice and e-mail solutions of FaxFacts, VoiceFacts and E-MailFacts

FaxFacts fax software includes fax server, fax broadcast, fax-on-demand, fax mail and e-mail to fax solutions

VoiceFacts powers voice applications that include IVR, speech recognition, text-to-speech and voice broadcasting

E-MailFacts handles email and high-volume e-mail broadcasting - Exchange/Notes support with SMTP to Fax gateway

fax over IP

Fax over IP (or FOIP) is for sending and receiving faxes over a VOIP network.

Copia not only supports FOIP, but supports fax over IP using several different methods. Click here to find out more

Version 8

CopiaFacts version 8.3 is here!

CopiaFacts 8.3 brings support for Windows 10 and Server 2012/2016, and for running as a Windows service. There are also enhancements in converting documents for faxing and in data extraction for reporting. v8.3.1 also adds support for high-DPI screens.

For details on version 8.3 changes, check the New Features page.