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VoiceFacts™ is the voice component of the CopiaFacts suite of communications solutions. It allows you to incorporate automated voice services into your overall communications strategy.

VoiceFacts runs on your CopiaFacts server to provide voice messaging and IVR functions and may be combined with the FaxFacts fax and E-MailFacts e-mail components to create custom voice/fax/e-mail applications or used with CopiaFacts built-in Fax-On-Demand features.

Why does your business need VoiceFacts?

If your are already using FaxFacts and E-MailFacts to stay in contact with your customer base, adding voice capabilities is a great addition.

If you use e-mail as your primary form of announcment distribution chances are very high that those messages get deleted before they are read, or they are considered spam and dropped by an e-mail server. VoiceFacts allows you to leave a voicemail message that your customer is sure to hear.

Voice broadcasting with VoiceFacts vastly expands your methods to communicate with your target audience and maintain ongoing business relationships.

Voice Broadcast Software

Just like FaxFacts executes fax broadcasts and E-MailFacts executes e-mail broadcasts, VoiceFacts excels at voice broadcasts.

Voice Broadcasting covers a wide range of business functions. Corporate notifications via e-mail often get lost or skipped over in the flood of spam, but a voice broadcast to every employee voice mailbox gets noticed. It can add another type of communication preference to your overall CRM solution. This allows your organizations to automate tasks like meeting or appointment reminders, follow-up calls or recall notifications with a voice message.

The flexibility of the VoiceFacts platform allows you to broadcast a survey, update a database and even use a hook-flash transfer in the broadcast to transfer to a live agent. For instance, a voice broadcast of a product recall can offer the option to transfer to a agent to process the recall or answer any other questions.

Voice broadcasting also allows you to reach clients that may not yet have e-mail access, or choose not to provide it to you.

What can VoiceFacts be used for?

VoiceFacts integrates directly into the CopiaFacts suite of business applications. Here are a few things that VoiceFacts is designed to handle:

  • Voice Broadcast
  • Voice Mail
  • Unlimited Voice Mailboxes
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
  • PBX Integration
  • Unlimited Menu Levels
  • Voice Notification
  • ...[more features]

IVR and PBX Integration

VoiceFacts allows you to replace the default IVR engine in almost any application. Often, the included IVR engine does not allow the customization needed in today’s business climate. You require the flexibility to change your call flow on the fly and VoiceFacts delivers.

VoiceFacts is a great complement to any PBX system (including VoIP based systems).

Companies worldwide choose VoiceFacts as their preferred IVR provider for their PBX systems.

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Demo Software

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