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FaxFacts fax software

FaxFacts Features:

Fax Server
The FaxFacts Fax Server is a full-featured, easy-to-use fax server system. The FaxFacts Fax Server based on an open architecture that is completely expandable and designed for customization. The server utilizes the CopiaFacts Engine and Copia WorkStation Client.

The base system includes all of the fax utilities most offices need, including broadcast faxing, on-the-fly faxing, fax status reports, and cover sheet attachments. ...[more]

WorkStation Client
The CopiaFacts WorkStation client runs on 32-bit Windows platforms and provides access to a wide variety of address books, including Outlook contacts and address books, GoldMine contacts, ACT contacts, LDAP, Active Directory Services, or any data source that allows ADO or OLE DB/ODBC access. This can include Microsoft Access, SQL Server, Oracle, Excel, xBase, and FoxPro databases. ...[more]

High Reliability
Fax is an integral part of any enterprise and FaxFacts is designed with this mission-critical aspect in mind. Systems can remain running for years with no intervention at all.

Fax Broadcasting
FaxFacts does fax broadcasting better than anyone else in the business. Whether you're send one fax, or thousands, rest assured that you will get the same customization features and high quality....[more]

Graphical Coversheet
Create dazzling cover sheets using watermarks, company logos, graphics, custom fonts, text line orientations, and annotations. Automatically insert your clients name in a script font or at an angled on the cover sheet to guarantee that your fax will be noticed. ...[more]

Mail Merge to Fax
This feature sets fax broadcast with FaxFacts apart form the rest. The secret is in our patented data encoding font.


Unlike OCR mail merge solutions, our solution has 100% accuracy. Then you use your favorite database and the mail merge feature of your word processor to create customized faxes. ...[more]

Enterprise Extensions
Extends the functionality of the Outlook/Exchange Client enabling you to send and receive faxes using the FaxFacts Fax Server. Also included is a HTML-to-Fax converter.

Fax Mail
Fax Mail allows a service bureau or corporate user to allocate individual incoming telephone numbers to mailbox users, which they publish as their normal fax number. ...[more]

Provide your customers with no Internet access the information they need 24/7. It's an easy way to deliver information anytime, anywhere, to anyone who can use a phone or fax machine. ...[more]

FaxFacts Interactive Voice Response (IVR) allows telephone callers to have a "conversation" with computers and information resources through touch-tone input. ...[more]

Credit Card Charge
Provides credit approval tools for credit card purchases by telephone. ...[more]

FaxFacts utilizes the CopiaFacts API. This architecture was designed with programmers in mind, thus we provide you an Application Programming Interface (API). The process of sending and receiving faxes can be easily manipulated to suite your business needs. ...[more]

Web Fax
Sending faxes from your web pages is just one example of what can be done with the API. ...[more]

FaxFacts provides a full range of reporting capabilities. Copia has made the process even easier by providing a reporting package with 23 standard and 12 special reports, or make your own custom reports. ...[more]

FaxFacts has very modest hardware requirements and supports high-end fax and voice boards from Brooktrout, GammaFax, Commetrex, and Intel/Dialogic. ...[more]

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