About Copia

Since 1989, privately owned Copia International has been one of the leading innovators in the fax server and fax-on-demand software market. Copia now offers CopiaFacts™, a comprehensive messaging platform for fax, voice, email and SMS communications.

Copia patented one-call fax retrieval and mail merge to fax technology. Everyday, thousands of customers worldwide use Copia's FaxFacts® software to send and receive information by fax and we remain leaders in the fax-over-IP fax server market.

Founded in March of 1987, Copia began as a provider of programming tools for the database software market. Copia's AccSys products provided libraries of database functions for C programmers. The libraries grew to incorporate support for a number of PC databases, operating systems and languages. Microsoft and Lotus both integrated AccSys into their database products to provide external database support. During the normal course of business, faxing became Copia's primary means of getting information to customers. Copia decided to automate this process by developing fax-on-demand software.

Copia has since shifted its focus to end-user fax, voice and e-mail solutions. It has formed strategic alliances with large service bureaus to deliver fax-on-demand, fax, e-mail and voice broadcasting, and web solutions to their customers. Copia also has a large network of resellers in the United States, Europe, and Asia that provide additional software, training, and installation for Copia's complete product line.

Fax Service bureaus and large organizations worldwide continue to praise FaxFacts for its ability to generate high volumes of personalized faxes with nearly limitless capacity. Many customers run hundreds of ports of Copia's fax software to provide outsourced faxing solutions for their client base. Copia also scales this same powerful software down to the SMB/SME customer, providing a robust scalable platform at an affordable price. Copia also applies this same technology to email broadcasting , with some installations sending millions of e-mails per hour.

Copia is committed to delivering the most comprehensive, most capable communications software solutions on the market at affordable prices.