• Fax Broadcast Software

  • The largest broadcast systems in the world choose FaxFacts

FaxFacts® has no equal when it comes to fax broadcasting software. Fully integrated into the CopiaFacts™ server, FaxFacts fax broadcasting software gives you unparalleled control over every aspect of your broadcast operations.

Each company uses fax broadcast in a different way which is why FaxFacts allows you to custom tailor your fax broadcast system to your businesses needs. You have complete control over what you send and how. Broadcast faxing with FaxFacts falls into three distinct categories:

  • Fax Blasting
  • Overlay Personalized - Graphical Cover Sheets
  • Fully Personalized - Mail Merge Faxing

Types of Fax Broadcasts

FaxFacts Fax Broadcast Options
Fax Blasting

The simplest form of outbound faxing.
The same document is sent to every recipient with no personalization. Great for general purpose items like newsletters, announcements, press releases, etc.

Graphical Cover Sheets

Offers greater personalization with each fax customized for individual recipients. The same watermark image is used for each fax, but personalized information can be put over it. This is often how coversheets are created.

Mail Merge to Fax

Offers the most flexibility for personalization. Requires the use of software with mail merge capabilities (like Microsoft Word). Output can be fully customized, and uses a patented no-pop-up print driver for automatic routing. Specifically designed for automation applications.

Easy to Manage

To make it easy, Fax Broadcasts can be grouped into jobs which are fully manageable. From the Job Administrator you can start and stop fax broadcasts, decide when certain fax broadcasts go out or what phone lines to use (for least cost routing). You can also have custom reports generated on each job. When the job finishes the report can be automatically printed, faxed, or e-mailed to you.

Fax Broadcast Database

Connect to nearly any database

Really... No proprietary address books here - Bring your numbers and contacts from nearly any source:

  • Exchange or Outlook
  • CRM programs like SalesForce, Oracle, GoldMine, or ACT
  • LDAP and Active Directory services
  • SQL, mySQL or similar databases
  • Excel or CSV, TAB, or any text file based list

More Features

Automated DNS Lists

Let recipients easily remove themselves - Global and per job Do Not Send lists supported.
Removals supported by fax, phone, email or even SMS.

Legal Support

Update any database before and/or after sending - Ensure compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley Act, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Smart Retries

Rules that enable custom retries when the fax reaches a voice line, partial sent faxes (re-send only what didn't send), busy numbers and more. Even fall back to email.