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You need the expertise of Copia when your exisiting phone systems can't meet your business needs. Voice software through Copiafacts enables the ability to add processing, distribution and interactive voice responses (IVR) to your workflows enables brand new communication paths.

What voice features are supported?

Voice Broadcast and Voice Notification

Voice Mail

IVR and PBX Integration

Custom Development

IVR and PBX Integration

VoiceFacts allows you to replace the default IVR engine in almost any application. Often, the included IVR engine does not allow the customization needed in today’s business climate. You require the flexibility to change your call flow on the fly and VoiceFacts delivers.

VoiceFacts is a great complement to any PBX system (including VoIP based systems). Companies worldwide choose VoiceFacts as their preferred IVR provider for their PBX systems.

What is IVR

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Interactive Voice Response or IVR is what most people know as a phone menu. In technical terms, it allows a caller to interact through the use of voice and touch-tone keypad selections (or DTMF tones).


Voice Broadcasting

Get your message out - The system supports pre-recorded messages, dynamically generated text and more.


Manage inbound calls in your own custom IVR system. CopiaFacts often replaces stock IVR that came with your phone system becuase we can simply do more (and it's easier to program!)

Hook-flash/Hairpin Transfers

Link calls together or connect with new outbound calls - Ring calls to multiple phones and transfer just like a PBX.

Voice Surveys

Interact with callers to answer questions, take polls, etc. You can collate all the responses right back into your workflows.


Use our text-to-speech features to read text (static or dynamic) to your caller, in English or dozens of supported languages. (Don't worry, we also support professionally recorded prompts and music.)

Speech Recognition

Interface to various speech recognition packages. Our sales team can pair you with the right partner.