The FaxFacts Fax Server operates in a client/server environment using the CopiaFacts server engine. Incoming faxes can be directed to fax mailboxes, local printers, or email and users can fax directly from their workstation using the CopiaFacts WorkStation client, mail program (like Outlook), or even an installed print driver.

FaxFacts integrates seamlessly with contact managers, accounting packages, or any other business desktop applications.

Also rest assured that the fax server will work with your phone infrastructure - traditional phones lines (POTS), SIP, T.38, you name it we support it.

Fax Server Features

If it has to do with faxing, FaxFacts is your solution. This isn't an exhaustive list of features so if you have a problem that involves fax don't hesitate to ask us.

Unlimited Capacity

From 1 port to thousands - we've built them all.

Email to Fax

Send faxes from your email clients and receive faxes in your inbox - as PDF, images or more.

Fax Archive

Full fax archive capabilites and integrations into any document managment system.

Extensive Logs

Know why something was or wasn't delivered.

Fax Server
Boardless or Hardware

Supports the best in SIP/T.38 fax protocols - We support boards too.

Custom Routing

Personalized mailboxes that receive and store individual faxes or flow faxes into pre- or post- processing applications.

HIPAA-Ready Fax

Meets all of the stringent criteria for HIPAA faxing requirements. A complete audit trail is recorded, faxes stay secure and integrity is maintained.

Smart Retries

Complete control over how failed operations are handled.