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FaxFacts fax software

FaxFacts Data Sheet

FaxFacts Fax Server Software

Integrating with all major networks, the full-featured, easy-to-use FaxFacts Fax Server software provides your business enterprise class fax server operations.

The base system includes all of the fax utilities most offices need, including broadcast faxing, on-the-fly faxing, status reports, and cover sheet attachments. Add-on modules that further optimize performance can be purchased separately.

FaxFacts Fax Server software operates in a client/server environment using the CopiaFacts server engine. This consolidates maintenance and control at single CPU or load-balanced sever group. Incoming faxes can be directed to fax mailboxes, local printers, or e-mail and users can fax directly from their workstation using the CopiaFacts WorkStation client.

FaxFacts also integrates seamlessly with contact managers, accounting packages, or any other business desktop applications.

What makes the FaxFacts Fax Server Unique?

State-of-the-art hardware creates faxing capabilities beyond the needs of most businesses. That gives you room to grow at your own pace. While the network/host server approach limits our competitors, the FaxFacts Fax Server can expand by banding together (load sharing) multiple servers. By using fax and voice boards that handle multiple lines per board, you can drive over 240 lines per system chassis, and have virtually no line limit when banding servers together. There is also no problem with digital solutions utilizing T1s or E1s.

API Flexibility
The FaxFacts Fax Server is an open system that is completely expandable and designed for customization. Customizing your FaxFacts Fax Server is easy because of the CopiaFacts Application Programmer Interface (API). The API opens the door to integration with mainframes, UNIX, DOS, OS/2, Macintosh, and the Internet.

User Friendly
Operating from a familiar Windows interface, the FaxFacts Fax Server uses intuitive icons and dialog boxes that guide you easily through tasks. On-line help is also available at each screen.

Outstanding Features

  • Server workstations control as many fax boards as the CPU can accommodate
  • Individual phone lines and fax modems are not required at client workstations.
  • No COM1 and COM2 limitations.
  • A powerful viewer lets users purge, preview, and route faxes before printing them.
  • Supports high-performance fax boards.
  • Faxes are archived using industry-standard TIFF/F format, PDf or almost any other format.
  • A Log of all inbound and outbound faxes is accessible.
  • Automatic balancing across outbound fax lines eliminates backlog of broadcasts.
  • Self-monitoring busy states on all phone lines reduce faxing delays.
  • Smart retries -- transmits only failed pages of incomplete faxes.
  • User-defined retry strategies based on outcome of call.
  • DID, DTMF, ANI, OCR (Requires licensing patent #54614880), CSID and Manual inbound routing options.
  • Dedicated line routing based on area code reduces phone costs.
  • Setup faxes to go out at off-peak hours for cheaper transmissions.
  • Seamlessly jump between fax and e-mail operations.
  • Status of fax activity available by sender, receiver, and date.
  • Automated Do Not Send (DNS) list for list management.

Workstation Software
The FaxFacts Fax Server comes with the powerful CopiaFacts WorkStation Client. Outbound faxing to one or more recipients is done in seconds from any application. With the mail merge to fax option you can personalize variables in a mail merge and broadcast it to hundreds of clients.

Fax Broadcast
The high volume, high performance broadcast capabilities are included in the fax server package. Fax Broadcasting is ideal for telemarketing, customer service, product updates, and press releases.

FaxMail / DID Option
By deafult, all faxes are routed to a general mailbox. The mail box then allows a user to route faxes manually into individual mailboxes.

Adding on Direct Inward Dial (DID) or other inbound routing support, creates personalized mailboxes that receive and store individual faxes, secure from the rest of the faxes. The stored faxes are available anytime, anywhere, and can be secured with a unique password. Users can have faxes delivered to e-mail, a specific printer, a remote fax machine, or another fax mailbox.

Graphical Cover Sheet
Replace ASCII restricted cover sheets with easy-to-create Graphical Cover Sheets. This application gives all of your faxes that professional edge with font and graphic enhancements. The dynamic nature of these graphical elements can also produce single page direct mail pieces for broadcast.


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