The CopiaFacts™ Messaging Suite consists of a set of award-winning communications solutions for Fax (FaxFacts®), Voice, E-Mail, and SMS, which provide a complete set of business communications features.

These features allow you to:

  • Lower the cost of communication between you and your customers.
  • Integrate into your current network and business applications.
  • Infinitely scale - Buy only what your business needs, when it needs it.

With an extensive range of communications solutions options that integrate with desktop, e-mail, CRM, and other essential business software, CopiaFacts provides a unified approach to enterprise communications, thereby saving you time and money. We can simplify all document delivery needs with the same ease as locally printing.

CopiaFacts is usually installed in a boardless environment today, but we still support high-end fax and voice boards. With the scalable architecture you start with as few as one port and add a virtually unlimited number, so you will never outgrow your system.


Since 1989, the last fax software you need to buy - includes fax server, fax over IP, fax broadcast, fax-on-demand, fax mail and e-mail to fax solutions


Full featured IVR, voice broadcasting, text-to-speech and custom PBX integrations


High volume email broadcast and notification, inbound SMTP email servers with custom processing.


SMS broadcasts and notifications
Process transactions and workflows

The CopiaFacts Engine

All systems start with a CopiaFacts server - This is the engine of your CopiaFacts system.
Then simply determine which features your business needs!

(don't worry, we make it easy with a fully-guided setup)

Felixble enough to be installed on-premise next to your PBX or distributed throughout your organization - in the cloud or across virtual machines.

CopiaFacts runs under either Workstation or Server versions of Windows

(psst... we support mixed environments of course)

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CopiaFacts - the most comprehensive set of fax, voice, e-mail and SMS software on the market. The system is infinitely expandable, in size or features, and if you have a requirement for something which you that you think that CopiaFacts may not offer, please ask us.

CopiaFacts API

Extensive API - Integrations are as simple as a text file

SMTP Gateway

Create custom inbound workflows and email-to-fax support - <faxnumber>

Sample Apps

We have a bunch of samples and examples to help you get started on your own solutions.

Boardless Options

Supports the best in SIP/T.38 solutions for voice and fax - Extensive SIP Trunk providers.

Extensive Logs

It's an open book - know why something was or wasn't delivered.

Job Administration

Manage large jobs with ease.