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  • Receive your faxes in your email inbox

The #1 most requested feature of modern fax servers is the routing of inbound faxes to email. FaxFacts has long supported routing faxes, and email is no exception.

We usually refer to this as Fax Mail and routing fax to email can be just a single part of a larger fax managament plan. Routing to folders, servers, cloud storage and more.

Faxes in your inbox they way you want

You have complete control over the content and format of the e-mail. This means each user may choose the format of the incoming fax to email. Copia offers a bunch of standardized templates, but you aren't limited to them. Faxes can be converted to a variety of formats, like PDF or JPG. You can process them via OCR and convert into a standard HTML email. You can apply other custom formatting and apply hooks to document workflows or even route via secure email for HIPPA-Compliant needs.

Fax in your inbox

You decide how faxes are converted to email

No one-size fits all here. Here are just a few ways our customers have configured:

  • Convert to PDF, generate thumbnail and put in HTML email
  • Keep it simple: TIFF attachment to plain text email
  • Show thumbnail of fax and link to its location on a cloud server
  • Convert fax to a JPG and attach to the email
  • Pull additional information from your workflow and enable actions in the email based on the fax
  • Run fax through OCR and place all the text into your email body

More Features


Don't stop at routing to email - route the notification to SMS and view the fax from your phone.

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Email to Fax

Looking for sending faxes via email (like to ‹faxnumber›@company.com) - We do that too