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FaxFacts fax software

Fax to E-Mail

One of the most popular uses for a FaxFacts fax server system is forwarding inbound faxes to e-mail. By combining a line of Copia's fax server software and an E-MailFacts thread you gain the ability to forward incoming faxes to almost any e-mail inbox in the world.

Abiity to Route internally

Standard forwarding of fax to e-mail is done through

No limits on e-mail

The power of a Copia fax system is the ability to customize almost any aspect of any message. This level of customization extends to routing fax to e-mail. You have complete control over the content and format of the e-mail body. Each user can have their own set of preferences and template for the e-mail. An employee can choose to recieve all of their faxes as PDF files, another can choose to have a custom HTML for with the fax images converted to GIF's or JPG's. The options are limitless.

Some examples of fax to e-mail routing:

Attach TIFF fax to plain text e-mail
Attach TIFF image to an HTML e-mail
Convert the fax to PDF and attach
Convert the fax to JPG and embedd in an MHTML e-mail
Upload the fax image to a website and send notification e-mail linking to the image
Create a thumbnail image of the fax and send in e-mail
Pass the fax through an OCR program and put OCR output in e-mail with link to original fax.

Document Management Systems

The inbound e-mail can also serve as a notification that your fax has been recieved into a document management system. You would format the e-mail to include a link to the fax image, whereever you choose to store it.

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