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Copia Software Maintenance

Support for Copia products is availble either through a Maintenance agreement, or per hour. Maintenance entitles you to the following:

  • Incremental and full version software updates
  • Telephone technical support (Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. CST)
  • Documentation updates, both new manuals and supplements (PDF)
  • Remote support using the COPIATECH utility (UltraVNC) or Remote Desktop
  • Download COPIATECH Here (Windows Only)

The initial 90 days (from date of purchase) of maintenance are free to cover installation and setup of your CopiaFacts system.

Maintenance pricing is based upon the number of lines and threads in your CopiaFacts system and valid for one year from the date of purchase. Please contact your sales representative for more information, or to check the expiration date of your current maintenance contract.

Copia support is intended to assist you with your normal use and installation of the CopiaFacts suite of products. We reserve the right to charge, at our standard hourly rate, for assistance with such items as 'disaster recovery', system relocation or hardware rebuilding, and for retraining if a member of your staff who is not familiar with the product takes over responsibility for it. If you have declined or not renewed your maintenance package, then support in such circumstances will automatically be chargeable at our current hourly rate. Maintenance agreements are to be continuous and any lapse in maintenance is subject to a reinstatement fee.

Upgrade to Version 8.3!

Check out all that version 8.3 has to offer. There have been many additions to the CopiaFacts suite and enhancements to the features you already use.

Consult the Reference Manual!

The full, expanded >version 8.3 reference manual is now available on line.

External IP Address viewer for E-Mail setup

Click here to view the IP address that your system is reporting. This will assist in setting the $email_localname variable.

How to Contact Technical Support

For users with a current maintenance agreement

  • Call us at 877.720.0921; M-F: 9-5 CST

The following information must be provided for assistance:

  1. Current Serial Number
  2. Company name or phone number
  3. Version of operating system
  4. Type of hardware used in system, and fax/voice board (Brooktrout, Dialogic, etc.) or boardless provider
  5. Details of the problem or question

For users without a current maintenance agreement

You must contact your sales representative to renew your maintenance agreement before calling technical support. You can also call our sales department at 800.689.8898

If you are already using CopiaFacts 8, run the COPIAINSTALL program from the Copia program start menu to check for updates.

System Requirements

Most installations are boardless today with our FoIP and VoIP solutions (See them here) CopiaFacts does support hardware. Find more system requirements here.

TCPA Fax Laws

We often get questions regarding faxing with regards to the TCPA. This can help answer some questions.