Developers API

CopiaFacts has a rich set of application program interfaces, which allow you easily to integrate your own applications with CopiaFacts' operations.

API Options:

File-based API

If your application can drop a simple text file into a folder, you can send a fax, e-mail, SMS or voice message with CopiaFacts. This API is described in the CopiaFacts Fax Send (FS) API topic.

For e-mail and SMS transactions we also provide an Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ) interface which allows FS file images to be sent as MSMQ messages.

For inbound fax, CopiaFacts provides a Call Control DLL interface to allow a user application to decide whether to accept an inbound call (based on DNIS and ANI, the called and calling numbers).

Print-based API

If your application can print, then by printing to the Fax Save or FFMERGE print drivers, you can create a TIFF file and have it faxed.

E-Mail to Fax API

Applications which can send e-mails can also send faxes using your CopiaFacts E-Mail to Fax Gateway. For example you can create a domain such as and send e-mails to a virtual mailbox consisting of any fax number at this domain (for example On receipt, the Gateway will automatically send a fax to the specified number, converting Office and PDF attachments to fax format before transmission.

Scripting API

You can write complete and complex applications, as well as simple tasks, using the CopiaFacts Scripting API. This presents limitless options.