• Fax On Demand

  • Serve documents with a phone call - one call or two-call FOD

First introduced in 1989, FaxFacts Fax on Demand allows callers to retrieve information via fax on the same call (from a fax machine) or by call back (from a phone, "2 call").

Fax on Demand can help bridge the gaps in your content delivery strategy by enabling more than just websites, apps and e-mail. Many industries still rely on datasheets and printed materials and accessing or distrbuting them via a phone/fax combination is where fax-on-demand has you covered.

Our latest customers even use a modern version of fax on demand which will email the requested document - or even trigger other workflows

Fax on Demand Features

Fax on Demand

Interactive Voice Response lets the caller communicate with the Fax On Demand system using their phone keypad. Full support of menus, speech recognition, text to speech and other features supported.

Unlimited Menus

No limits to how many menus or trees you need to setup - customized expriences for each caller are possible.


Support your customers in any language or location - Also since we scale and support SIP Trunks you can distribute your system anywhere globally

How is Fax-on-Demand used?

  • Publish technical bulletins or datasheets
  • Distribute product information for sales and marketing
  • Integrate with existing document storage systems
  • Provide or process forms for applications
  • Retrieve plans, invoices, POs, or detailed work instructions 
Patented Technology
One-call Fax-on-Demand

Did you know that the staple of the fax on demand industry, the one call fax, was patented by Copia. A one call fax is one where callers dial in from a fax machine, respond to a description of documents available, request the desired document via the keypad of speech recognition, and have it sent directly to the fax machine they are calling from - all in the same call.

Yes, we were the ones that invented that!

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