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FaxFacts fax software

Fax On Demand

First introduced in 1989, FaxFacts Fax on Demand allows callers to retrieve information via fax on the same call (from a fax machine) or by call back (from a phone, "2 call").

Fax on Demand can help bridge the gaps in your content strategies by enabling more than just websites, apps and e-mail. Many industries still rely on datasheets and printed materials and accessing or distrbuting them via a phone and fax combination is where fax on demand has you covered.

Patented One-Call Technology
Did you know that the staple of the fax on demand industry, the one call fax, was patented by Copia. A one call fax is one where callers dial in from a fax machine, respond to a recorded description of documents available, request the desired document, and have it downloaded directly to the fax machine they are calling from all in the same call. FaxFacts can also be configured to callback to a fax machine on another phone line.

Why Fax On Demand?

Fax-on-Demand makes an office more efficient, saving money and valuable time. FaxFacts reduces overhead by handling these calls for information, thus reducing expenses for staffing, phones, postage, and printing. Telephone bills are lower because Copia's one-call technology downloads documents on the customer's telephone call. Customers appreciate immediate access to fresh information.

How to use Fax on Demand?

  • Provide technical support in the form of technical bulletins
  • Distribute product information for sales and marketing
  • Integrate with existing document storage systems
  • Provid or process forms for applications

FaxFacts Fax on Demand Features

Interactive Voice Response allows communication between the caller and the Fax-on-Demand system. The caller responds to voice prompts using telephone touch-tones via the keypad. IVR describes the documents available and helps them to narrow their request and download a document.

Unlimited Menu Levels
You can record as much information as necessary to describe the options available.

If you have an international fax on demand system, FaxFacts can record voice prompts in several different languages and ask customers to choose one at the start of the call.

Demonstration of Fax on Demand

Try It Out! Call Copia's Fax-on-Demand system by dialing 888-332-6742 from your telephone or fax machine request document 8800


Contact Sales for more information at 800.689.8898 or click here to request a quote.



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