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Many companies utilize 3rd-party email providers outside their general purpose email servers for things like product activations, email newsletters or specialized processing. You might not know it, but often times it's a Copia email solution powering those 3rd party products.

Fully integrated into all CopiaFacts Engine functions, the email "threads" handle the email to fax and fax to email transactions. (Enabling fax inbound routing to personal email boxes)

Designed for high volume email

Limitless Capacity

Easily support over 1,000,000+ emails per hour on a single instance

Real-time DNS

System acknowledges nearly immediately Do-Not-Send requests (processed at send time)

Customized Attachments

Macro substitutions can even be supported IN the attachments in real-time - enabling a truly personalized experience.

Custom Development

Have a unique integration problem? Don't worry we can help.

Total REAL TIME Customization is possible

There is no limit to the number of variable substitutions you can use. This enables a complete and total customized email to be sent.

Better yet, your substitutions can be MADE at send time... therefore allowing outbound emails to be populated with the most up-to-date information or the marketing department's latest A/B test.

Email Broadcast

Email Broadcasting Software

High volume email outside of your in-house email server is really common these days. Let the experts in broadcast, Copia, supercharge your email infrastructure. Integrate simply into your workflows and relieve the burden of notifications from your general use servers.

More Features...

Direct Sending

We reduce undeliverables by sending directly to the recipient mail server (not via a proxy).

Full HTML/MHTML Support

Supports the sending of plain text, or HTML formatted email.

Blended Broadcasts

One broadcast can be set to fax and/or email out to your client base. Same content to both.

Multiple DNS Lists

System supports global and per job Do-Not-Send (DNS) lists - and they are validated on EACH email send, not at job submission.

Secure Email

Inbound and Outbound secure email is supported - TLS, S/MIME, DKIM - Even encrypt attachments - Maintain HIPAA-Readyness

Easy to Use

As simple as printing - launch an entire email broadcast from your familiar mail-merge programs.

Business Level Internet Required

This means that you must have a large upstream bandwidth that can handle sending many emails simultaneously. This usually means a SDSL, T1, DS3 or higher connection. Cable modems, ADSL and dial-up modems will most likely not have enough upstream bandwidth to keep up with the speed of the CopiaFacts program.

Mail Merge to Email

Lets you email documents directly from a mail merge operation of your favorite word processor by simply inserting an additional merge field in the form document.

How you can benefit from Mail Merge to Email

  • Mail Merge to email is smart. The email documents are delivered fully-formatted, personalized, and even with attachments, if necessary.
  • Mail Merge to email is fast. The merge process is handled by the CopiaFacts engine and your documents start getting emailed out as soon as they are created.
  • Mail Merge to email is easy to use. When the program is installed, a print driver is added as a Print option on your machine. Then simply "print" all of your email mail merges to this "printer".
Patented Technology

The same patented technology that allows Copia to do Mail Merge to Fax better than anyone else is the basis for your Mail Merge to email system. The secret is in our patented font shown above.

This font may look a bit awkward, but it sets our mail merge apart from the rest. It simplifies the mail merge process and lets anyone mail merge to email without having to learn how to program.

The process is very simple. When defining the merge fields in your database file, define a merge field as email. Insert this email field into your form document at the very top of the page.

The magic then is in our patented font. Simply format this field as 12 point in the special font we provide (shown above). Then all that is left for you to do is print the mail merge to our print driver and your mail merge to email is off and running.

Fast and Reliable

Because of our patented way of handling the mail merge process, the CopiaFacts engine does not get slower as the mail merge goes on. Other systems can start off fast, but after 500 or a thousand messages, the system slows to a crawl. The CopiaFacts Mail Merge option gives you a system that can keep up with the most demanding email broadcasts.

Combine Fax and email Mail Merge

Since the mail merge process is handled by the CopiaFacts engine, you are able to combine your fax and email broadcasts into one easy process. If you set up a common merge field that has either a fax number or email address, the CopiaFacts engine will then send the message by either fax or email. This function is great for a "preferred communication" form that allows your customer to decide the best format to receive documents.