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Since 1989, Copia's FaxFacts fax software has set the standard for performance, reliability, and innovation in the faxing industry. FaxFacts is the last fax software you'll ever need.

FaxFacts provides automatic printing and routing for inbound faxes, load balancing, customized graphical cover sheets, extensive reporting capabilities, job administration, and the fastest fax broadcasting capabilities in the industry all from your desktop.

All things fax

Fax Server

Includes all of the faxing features you will ever need, including print to fax, email to fax, fax-to-email, desktop & domain support and more...

Boardless Faxing

Boardless faxing over the Internet isn't always straight forward - we can walk you through it -> From T.38 to Pass-through.

Fax Broadcast

We've built the largest fax broadcast systems in the world - we can handle any volume and customization needs.

Fax on Demand

Copia created (and patented) fax-on-demand! Combine the voice and fax resources to enable distribution of documents via fax.

Why does your business need FaxFacts?

Even though email is the primary form of business communication today, fax still plays a vital role in many industries and is often the technology you still entrust your signed PO's and invoices to. Fax is a reliable and secure form of communication and is still the only universal choice for legal and healthcare industires. FaxFacts is HIPPA-Ready, ensuring HIPPA Compliant faxing.

Adding fax capabilites to your network can free up wasted resources used in maintaining old equipment or taking up space in your printer rooms.

That's why you want a system that allows you to fax directly from your desktop as easily as you can print or email. You also want the system to handle busy fax numbers and have extensive retries automatically so you can move on to your next task, confident that your fax will be delivered.

Faxing no longer becomes a hassle to your employees. Their faxes are delivered straight to their desktop or email inbox while your customers take notice of their personalized fax.

Key features:

FaxFacts Fax Server
Mail Merge to Fax

100% accurate & patented (US 5715069A) - Customize faxes in your favorite program and know they will get there.

Enterprise Support

Enable faxing from Outlook/Exchange - or other directory services. Push faxing support out to all of your desktops or enable enterprise applications to fax.

Fax Mail

Personalized fax inboxes - Supports unlimited numbers and mailbox types. Includes fax workflow tools.

SMTP Email to Fax Gateway

Fax by sending an email - Send an email to 3125551212@fax.yourcompany.com and the contents of your email (including attachments) is faxed to 312-555-1212.

More Features

HIPAA Ready Fax

Copia meets all of the stringent criteria for HIPAA faxing requirements. A complete audit trail is recorded, faxes stay secure and integrity is maintained.

Smart Retries

Complete control over retries - only send missed pages, fall back to email, time scheduling, new cover sheets and more.

Document Conversion

Supports on-the-fly document conversions - no need to pre-convert to a fax image.

Color Fax

You can send & receive color faxes!

Send to EMail

Route faxes into ANY email inbox - Conversion to PDF, TIFF, GIF, JPG, PNG with completely custom email templates - Compatible with any email client

Easy to Use

As simple as printing - workstations can fax via a printer or through their email clients.