We are Fax Over IP Experts

T.38? SIP? G.711? FoIP? We can help you navigate the alphabet soup of solutions to your faxing needs in the IP world.
From single lines to tens of thousands, we've built them all.

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What does Copia do?

Building software to power a complete set of business communication solutions


Anything and everything fax - We are experts in Fax Over IP (FoIP) - our systems have sent billions of faxes!

Let us help you modernize any and all faxing needs for your company

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Designed to be customized to your unique business needs. 

Developers love the simple straight forward API and flexiblity. Plus you only license what you need!

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E-Mail and SMS

Go beyond your PBX and in-house mail systems.

Custom inbound and outbound processing for voice calls, SMS and more can be added to super charge your processes.

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Fax Over IP With Zero Hardware?

Are you struggling to integrate legacy faxing into your modern systems? Let us help you eliminate those POTS lines once and for all and maintain your system flexibility. Yes, with no hardware at all.

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What we've been working on


Major Release - Version 8.3

CopiaFacts 8.3 brings support for Windows 10 and Server 2012/2016, and for running as a Windows service. There are also enhancements in converting documents for faxing and in data extraction for reporting. v8.3.1 also adds support for high-DPI screens.

by Tim

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Financial Services

Join the countless banks and lenders who have modernized their fax and voice operations with CopiaFacts. We've automated loan operations and maintened the confidentiality and security across legacy systems. Maintain SOX & GLBA compliance.


Let our experts in HIPPA Ready communications solve your messaging needs. Help enable better healthcare outcomes with cost efficient systems.

Customized Systems

Have a particular integration or special project that needs fax, voice, email or SMS? Drop us a line and let us figure out how a CopiaFacts Server can handle it.