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Fax Mail

How do you use your current fax server? Do all of your faxes come into one big inbox? Now instead of someone sitting in front of a fax machine all day, do they sit in front of a computer manually routing faxes? Then you now have a glorified fax machine and where's the efficiency in that?

Nothing makes a larger impact on your fax server system than fax mail. With FaxFacts Fax Mail you have the flexibility to direct the faxes where you want them to go. This reduces your costs on paper, fax machine use, and employee time managing fax activity which saves you money.

Delivery Options
Everybody is an individual and wants to receive their faxes a different way. FaxFacts Fax Mail gives you the flexibility to route faxes for discriminating tastes. Supported is:

  • Automatic Printing to local printer
  • E-mail Forwarding as TIFF/F or PDF files
  • Network Fax Storage Mailbox
  • Unlimited Custom Routing Options thourgh 3rd Party Program Support

With Fax Mail you also have the ability to retrieve your faxes from anywhere in the world. This is done through Remote Message Retrieval. A simple call into your FaxFacts system allows you to direct your faxes to your hotel room fax machine or cell phone.

DID & Personal Mailboxes
FaxFacts Fax Mail supports DID inbound routing. By using a block of phone numbers from your phone provider, it allows each user on your system to have a personal fax number. Faxes remain private and secure and are only accessible by the intended recipient. This allows each fax number to have a different inbound template or destination. The faxes can remain on the server, be sent to the users e-mail, or anything else the end user wants.

OCR Inbound Routing
For those without DID capabilities, inbound fax routing can also be accomplished with 3rd Party OCR software (Requires licensing patent #54614880). FaxFacts supports many 3rd prty applications such as document storage engines that have OCR capabilites or stand alone OCR programs as part of its scripting language. Copia currently recommends using ScanSoft OmniPage Pro for those looking to OCR their documents.

Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) Automatic Routing
FaxFacts can also support DTMF inbound routing. This is accomplished by assigning an additional extension to each mailbox. This works similar to a voice mail system as the fax sender enters the extension to send the fax to. Voice-Assisted DTMF is also supported so you can include a voice message prompting the caller to enter the extension to route the fax to.

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