• Graphical Cover Sheets

  • Build customized overlays for your faxes

This feature is useful either as a cover sheet template maker for your fax server, or as your document generation infrastructure.

This solution utilizes a watermark image and then personalization data is overlayed for fax sending. You can overlay text in any supported font as well as graphics or images - like a signature. Additionally documents are created on-the-fly so real-time changes are captured.


Custom cover sheets
Design any watermark image

Use any program you'd like to creat a baseline image file - Word, Excel, Photoshop, Illustrator, or a report writer.


Using the simple interface, add annotations to the watermark - These can be variables, custom text, images, or other graphics.

Send out

The resulting template is able to be used by anyone - Share a common fax cover sheet with your entire office.

Plus your watermark image is untouched - Allowing you to update items like letterheads without rebuilding the entire document.