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Mail Merge to Fax

FaxFacts' Mail Merge to Fax lets you fax, instead of print, documents directly from a mail merge operation of your favorite word processor. By simply inserting an additional merge field in the form document, you can eliminate printing and stuffing mass mailings.

How businesses benefit from the Mail Merge to Fax

  • Mail Merge to Fax is smart. The faxed documents are delivered fully-formatted, personalized, and even with attachments, if necessary.
  • Mail Merge to Fax is fast. It can process nearly 60 pages per minute, per machine.
  • Mail Merge to Fax is easy to use. When the program is installed, a print driver is added as a Print option to your workstation. Then simply "print" all of your fax mail merges to this "printer".
  • Mail Merge to E-Mail also. The same technology used to mail merge to fax is used to created personalized e-mail attachments.

Patented Technology

The secret behind Copia's ability to do Mail Merge to Fax better than anyone else is in our patented font shown below:

This font may look a bit awkward, but it sets FaxFacts apart from the rest. It simplifies the mail merge process and lets anyone mail merge to fax without having to learn how to program.

The process is very simple. When defining the merge fields in your database file, define a merge field as faxnumber. Insert this faxnumber field into your form document at the very top of the page.

The magic then is in our patented font. Simply format this field as 12 point in the special font we provide (shown above). Then all that is left for you to do is print the mail merge to our print driver and your mail merge to fax is off and running.

E-Mail Too!

You can also launch a Mail Merge to E-Mail with the same process. Instead of putting the recipients fax number at the top of the page, put their e-mail address, like below:

Now your mail merge goes out as an e-mail attachment to, in this example, It's that simple. Find out more about e-mail functions with E-MailFacts here!

OCR Can't come Close

With the FaxFacts Mail Merge to Fax option you achieve 100% accuracy on the merge. Other systems use OCR add-on software which does not guarantee that the correct information will be interpreted. We also do not depend on "reading" through your document for a set of control characters. This can cause problems when your content uses the same key words as your merging program.

Fast and Reliable

Because of our patented way of handling mail merge to fax, FaxFacts does not get slower as the mail merge goes on. Other systems can start off fast, but after 500 or a thousand pages, they slow to a crawl. The FaxFacts Mail Merge to Fax option gives you a system that can rasterize over 60 pages per minute without running into a glass ceiling. That's just on a single system... CopiaFacts load balances over any number of other chassis.

Pricing and More Information

Mail Merge to Fax is included in our Mail Merge package which includes our Mail Merge to E-Mail option. The patented mail merge font and printer driver is available on the same Windows platforms supported by the CopiaFacts WorkStation. The pricing of the mail merge option is based on the number of lines/threads in your system. Please contact Copia or one of our resellers for pricing information.

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